Social Learning Service, iUniv announces its launch

"Learner as the tutor, tutor as the learner"
attuning to self-learnerʼs time-efficient and productive learning
Minato-Ku Tokyo, Japan- Representative Director of Castalia. Co. Ltd., Satoshi Yamawaki commences the private beta version of iUniv (ahy-yoo-nuh-v, the social learning service/platform. iUniv is also proud to announce cooperation with Keio University OCW, Kyoto University OCW and Aoyama Gakuin University School of Social Informatics in their new venture that will release their public beta version on June 14th, 2010.

iUniv ( is a service and platform that formulates social learning by using visual and auditory content provided online by institutions such as universities and other organizations. Self-learners can enjoy these contents (video and audio) and use the FusenTM(foo-sen) to study and share with their fellow users.
-Application of over 65,000 lecture contents mainly composed by renown overseas universities (*1)
-Emphatic learning generated by the FusenTM -Enabling the sharing of comments and knowledge with FusenTM and social media

*the private beta version is subject to a restricted audience.
By the universal use of YouTube and Podcast, educational institutions primarily in Europe and North America along with major media corporations have been providing Open Educational Resources in prime visual and auditory content daily en masse. Extensions from Universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, and MIT exemplify the prevalent.
Nevertheless, it is typical that the lectures are extensive, and some could have a duration lasting longer than 60 minutes. Users endured a time constraint as well as a bind, and the absence of information exchange amongst them was a concern.
The FusenTM, developed by Castalia allows the placing of digital stickies on visual and auditory contents. By applying this, the user is able to leave digital stickies with notes for portions which they find relevant. One can simply refer to the time and notes in ease, which conduces efficacious "reflective study." Further, these stickies can be shared with other users and can be linked with Twitter, Facebook and possibly with other social media which yields reciprocal use of knowledge.
Taro Matsumura, chief academia and director of Castalia comments:
"Through our daily contact with social media and mobile devices, we have realized that there stands a form of involuntary learning. A learning achieved through shared information carries an impression or comprehension of the bearer- which adds value to the content for the receiver, constructing a friendly ecosystem. FusenTM, created by Castalia changes this type of learning from a reflexive to a responsive by assisting self-learning. iUniv is a social learning platform furnished with this extraordinary tool, where the worldʼs educational contents assemble and continue to multiply by the day. By the use of the Web, likewise the Smartphone, it links education on mobile and social media for everyone. The knowledge and wisdom of all can be utilized to father the future of intellect."
iUniv will release its beta version for public access in June, which will be followed by an iPhone application.
Keio University Open Course Ware ( and Kyoto University Open Course Ware ( will cooperate by practicing a research of online learning by the use of OCW contents. Aoyama Gakuin School of Social Informatics ( plans to adopt iUniv as a teaching tool. In addition, they may also employ the iUniv application awaiting release, in the iPhones they have priorly distributed to staff and students to improve learning.
About FusenTM
A function that vests the tagging of digital stickies for a designated time frame on visual and auditory content (patented). Users may look back to their personal markings for "reflective study," and save time. Additionally, one may seek information in another usersʼ sticky, and may also inform them in return, which ultimately shelters exchange between the knowledgeable of various genres on the network- a social learning. Moreover, it endorses self-learning on iUniv, which will provide access through Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android in desired settings and time.
Castalia Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan)
Founded by Representative Director, Satoshi Yamawaki. Based on "Mobile & Social," Castalia produces educational digital content solutions, and Media management for learning. Interposing digital content distributor and end user, Castaliaʼs initiates "learning social." Castalia also manages Appetizer Japan (, Japanʼs alpha smartphone website and think tank that embraces "media activism."
*1 The figure is based on the number of lectures currently available on the private beta version, and the is increasing along with Youtube and Podcast sources.
* YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, iPhone and Android are registered trademarks of their respective holders.


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