Castalia Launches Distribution Of Social Learning Service "Schooly" That Enables Sharing Of Learning And Learning Outcomes On iPad

Constructs multifaceted learning environments at schools and remote locations
Commenced operations at educational institutions

Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan: Castalia Co. Ltd. Representative Director Satoshi Yamawaki announced the development and the launch of the distribution of Schooly (pronounced 'skoo-lee'), a social learning service/platform that enables learning at a secure and closed environment on iPad.

Please refer to for the details of the service plans.

Schooly is based on iUniv (pronounced 'ahy-yoo-nuh-v' /, Castalia's existing social learning platform service. It is iUniv's specially reformed version for internal use within educational institutions and corporations. Schooly is a web application that carries iUniv functions to access visual and auditory contents as well as additional features that manages the instructor and the learner's learning history, learnt contents, and FusenTM (patented). In addition, it is constructed in HTML5 + JaveScript (*note) to operated on iPad, the tablet most likely to become widespread at educational institutions.

[About Schooly]
Schooly realized a hybrid educational environment where lectures at real-life classrooms can correspond to mobile devices such as tablets, as well as social communications within the classrooms by way of cloud computing. It is the best solution to the "reestablishment of learning" and to construct a "non-stop learning" educational framework.

With usage at educational institutions and corporations in mind, we added functions for both the teaching side (instructors) and the learning side (students) so that they can manage their learning history.

The teaching side (instructors) can collectively monitor the learners' learning history and its feedbacks. Instructors can also freely combine visual and auditory contents to design the course, such as uploading new and/or existing auditory contents to create an original teaching material. In a sense, Schooly enables the remixing of digital teaching materials in the educational field.

On the other hand, the learning side (students) can benefit from iUniv advantages namely social learning, location-free, and sharing of knowledge, by way of digital learning, which maximizes the features of iPads. In addition, Schooly is equipped with a function that manages the students' list of courses, learning history and outcomes, as well as features such as quiz (test) functions and analytics function of lectures and learning.

Schooly is designed for implementations at educational institutions and corporations. At universities, it can be used as supplementary lectures by recording the lectures at real-life classrooms and make available internally (for faculty students, classes, etc.). At corporations, it can be used as a business intelligence tool that manages and utilizes internal information and knowledge. Specifically, it can be used in on-the-job training and learning courses of employees at remote locations, for MR (medical representatives) at pharmaceutical companies, for information sharing among insurance company sales representatives, and for role playing training in the hospitality industry.

[Schooly introduction examples]
As of April 15, 2011, Schooly has been introduced on either the short-term or demo (test operation) implementation service plans (in Alphabetical order):

Aoyama Gakuin University, College of Economics
Digital Hollywood University, Graduate School
Hiroo Gakuen Senior High School
Renaissance High School

[About iUniv]
iUniv is a social learning platform that utilizes over 67,000 visual and auditory educational contents provided online by institutions such as universities. It offers a social learning method based on mutual utilization of knowledge generated by learning experiences between the users. iUniv aims to make the individuals' autonomous learning accessible. By using iPhones/iPads, the two leading digital devices, iUniv enables an effortless usage on the move and in one's spare time. Furthermore, users can efficiently gain experiences unique to iUniv, such as reviewing their own learning history and make new learning discoveries by referring to other users' Fusen™ and learning histories.

For further details, please refer to our news release:

[About FusenTM]
FusenTM is a part of Castalia's patented functions that allows the tagging of digital stickies on a designated time frame of the visual and auditory contents. Users can refer to their personal memorandums of important points upon reviewing their studies and save time. In addition, by referring to the fellow users' memorandums, users may find new discoveries and understandings that might have not been possible on their own, which ultimately enables mutual learning (social learning) where users from different fields connected by the network share their specialty knowledge with one another.

[About Castalia Co. Ltd.]
Castalia Co. Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan / Representative Director: Satoshi Yamawaki) produces educational digital content solutions and operates web media for learning, under the concept of "Mobile & Social". Castalia offers a new and educational communication channel between content-providing corporations/educational institutes and individuals, contributing in further enhancing their significance.

-HTML5 is a next-generation standard of HTML, a web services description language. It is compatible with a number of latest web browsers such as those on mobiles, and by combining with JavaScript, it can function equally to applications. In the future, Schooly will be compatible for serving tablets with AndroidOS.
-"iPad", "iPhone", "AndroidOS", and other product names are registered trademarks of their respective holders.