Castalia releases "iUniv+", a tablet device-compatible social learning ASP that utilizes visual contents

~Effortlessly reduce costs for personnel training and actualize
correspondence courses that use visual contents~


Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan: Castalia Co. Ltd. (Headquarters:
Tokyo, Japan / Representative Director: Satoshi Yamawaki) has developed "iUniv+"
(pronounced eye-you-niv plus), a social learning platform optimized for
education that makes effective use of visual contents.  


Originating from "iUniv" (, Castalia's social
learning service, "iUniv+" is a web-based service specialized for use in
corporations and educational institutions.  With the purpose of utilization in closed environments such
as internal groups and communities in companies and schools, it actualizes an
environment where users can experience a social form of learning.  It offers a visual content-based
learning environment that goes beyond a mere viewing of videos.

iUniv+ is envisioned for use in corporations and educational
institutions.  We will promote
iUniv+ as an instrument that utilizes visual contents as tools to solve various
issues corporations have, such as the reduction of internal education costs,
the internal sharing of information, and the strengthening of customer
marketing.  Specifically, examples
of usage may include the training of personnel in distant offices, the sharing
of information between medical representatives at pharmaceutical companies or
sales representatives at insurance companies, as well as the sharing of role
playing methods in the hospitality industry or know-how's that currently leans
heavily on individuals.  It is also
single-sign-on compatible, which allows seamless use from existing internal SNS's,
membership exclusive websites and LMS's.
(Customization may be necessary in some cases.)


At educational institutions, iUniv+ can be used as a supporting
tool of regular classes, by using it for supplementary materials at science
departments where education using visual contents is suitable, or supplementary
lectures of recorded classes available for limited users.  In addition, it allows you to
effortlessly create promotional websites on which samples of lecture videos can
be viewed.

page of iUniv+. You can share
visual contents with specific users in a closed environment.

Part of
iUniv+'s administrator's page. You
can customize the page in accordance with your logo, image color, etc., with

Features of

Mobile device & Cloud compatible

iUniv+ is available for seamless
use on your PC as well as tablet device and smartphone.  It frees you from time and location
restrictions and allows you to learn through watching visual contents anytime
and anywhere you want.  In addition,
by replacing offline trainings with trainings through visual contents, it helps
the organization to cut down costs.


Social learning on "Fusen" 

Fusen™, a function developed by
Castalia that allows the tagging of digital stickies on a designated time frame,
enables a social learning experience among the users.  "Fusen" allows you to leave a note to a scene (time frame)
on the video you are interested in, and return to the same place afterwards to "review
the learning" with ease, which streamlines your learning.  Furthermore, by posting new or related
information on "Fusen," you can share the information with your fellow users;
for the interchange of knowledge, you can coordinate your iUniv+ page with
other social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  


Easy to customize

You can change designs easily
from the administrator's page, to create a website that fits the brand image of
the corporation/educational institution.
It is compatible with single-sign-on and you can use your existing
account or coordinate with other social media.  



- For more
information on iUniv+, please take a look at

- On
smartphones and tablet devices, you will be using iUniv+ through a web
browser.  Please refer to the
website for the list of compatible devices.  

 "iPad," "iPhone,"
"AndroidOS," and other brand names and product names are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective companies.


About iUniv

iUniv is a social learning platform that utilizes over 73,000
visual and auditory educational contents (as of April 2012) provided online by
institutions such as universities.
It offers a social learning method based on mutual utilization of
knowledge generated by learning experiences between the users.  iUniv aims to make the individuals'
autonomous learning accessible.  By
using iPhones/iPads, the two leading digital devices, iUniv enables an
effortless usage on the move and in one's spare time.  Furthermore, users can efficiently gain experiences unique
to iUniv, such as reviewing their own learning history and make new learning
discoveries by referring to other users' Fusen™ and learning histories.  

For further details, please refer to our news release:


■About Castalia Co. Ltd.

Castalia Co. Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan / Representative
Director: Satoshi Yamawaki) produces educational digital content solutions and
operates web media for learning, under the concept of "Mobile &
Social". Castalia offers a new and educational communication channel
between content-providing corporations/educational institutes and individuals,
contributing in further enhancing their significance.


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