Newly launched (Studentship), a scholarship information portal allows speedy searches of applicable scholarship

Three companies, namely Renaissance Academy Corporation (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan / Representative Director: Takayoshi Momoi), Shingakukai Educational Corporation (Head Office: Nagano, Japan / President: Masaaki Ichikawa), and Castalia Co. Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan / Representative Director: Satoshi Yamawaki) joined forces to launch "" (Name: Studentship /, a scholarship information portal on June 1.
Studentship is a scholarship information portal where people, such as high school students who wish to go on to university, those preparing for university entrance examinations, and active university students, can search for scholarships applicable to their requirements by simply entering their brief profiles.

Conventionally, people who wish to obtain scholarship should consult their school's student affairs office or contact each scholarship provider to retrieve information materials. Moreover, the requirements to obtain scholarship depend on each program; such information is often hard to find unless you read the actual printed information document. At the same time, efficient searches on the web has been very difficult and aspiring scholars go through a lot of troubles and spend much time already, just to apply for the scholarship.
By simply entering brief information such as age, hometown, and GPAs, Studentship allows the aspiring scholar to automatically select applicable scholarship programs from its database. Being the system that both aspiring scholars and scholarship providers can use free of charges, it does not only save the aspiring scholar's time but also hopefully reduce the burdens of scholarship managers at each school.
In the future, Studentship will enhance its functions as needed. We will cater to the needs of the times as well as the facilitation of information gathering, to offer comprehensive services and eventually totally digitalize scholarship searches.
[Services of Studentship]
Name:Scholarship information portal ""

・To the scholarship application process for students who are too busy with it, to save their time and reduce burdens
・To streamline the operations of the student affairs offices that are in charge of scholarship programs
・To create a new nature of scholarship programs
■Scholarship information for students
・University scholarships
・Foundation scholarships
・Corporation Scholarships
・Private scholarships
・Scholarship for overseas studies
・Scholarship for foreigners
・Local government scholarships
・Educational loans
・Prize essays
・Contests for students
・Scholarship for disaster victims
・Scholarship for orphans and single-mother households
[Note] Database is updated occasionally. Will accommodate information for active high school students, students who aspire to go on to high school, and vocational school scholarship programs in the future.

■Scholarship information for working people (to be provided)
・Scholarship for overseas studies
・Educational training subsidy system
・Vocational traning
・Graduate schools
■Future goals (system development overview)
・ 1.0
Launch of scholarship information database
→ Compilation of scholarship information database, show results of scholarship information searches by requirements
・ 2.0
Make paper-based scholarship application information available digitally and online
→ MyPage functions that enable saving of scholarship application forms as well as interest calculation functions of applicable scholarship programs and ongoing scholarship
・ 3.0
Launch of a new scholarship program (non-repayable)
We will add more services and functions from time to time and eventually relegate the operation of this service to a non-profit organization.
[About Renaissance Academy]
Renaissance Academy Corporation (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan / Representative Director: Takayoshi Momoi) has established and operates Renaissance High School, a nationwide correspondence educational school based in Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, a Cabinet Office-authorized Special Educational Zone. Sister school, Renaissance Toyota High School opened in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture in October last year. Implementing an e-learning system using the Internet on mobile phones, smartphones and PCs, some 3,000 students have learned at the two schools as of May 31, 2012, six years after the establishment.
[About Shingakukai] 
Shingakukai (Head office: Nagano, Japan / President: Masaaki Ichikawa) is an educational corporation based in Nagano Prefecture. Today it is one of Japan's largest educational conglomerates besides universities, with approximately 800 teachers and 16,000 infants, pupils, and students in the entire group. Shingakukai offers a wide variety of educational enterprises under its wings, including Saku Chosei Junior And Senior High School, which is renowned for its achievements in Ekiden (relay race) and high school baseball, as well as 20 kindergartens/nursery schools and 3 preparatory schools to mention some.
[About Castalia Co. Ltd.]
Castalia Co. Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan / Representative Director: Satoshi Yamawaki) produces educational digital content solutions and operates web media for learning, under the concept of "Mobile & Social". Castalia offers a new and educational communication channel between content-providing corporations/educational institutes and individuals, contributing in further enhancing their significance.
[Contact for further inquiries]
Studentship Operation Office
c/o Castalia Co. Ltd.
6th Floor, DF Building
2-2-8 Minami-Aoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan
Phone: 81-3-3401-4191