​Castalia and Shingakukai to make joint presentation at SXSWedu

Selected as the sole Japanese participant out of over 700 public applications, surviving the competition rate of 20 to 1.


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[Additional Note: Friday, January 18, 2013]
SXSWedu has announced that our joint presentation would take place on Thursday, March 7 at 9-10am CST (Friday, March 8 0-1am JST) at Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon E.
Castalia Co. Ltd. (hereinafter "Castalia") and Shingakukai Educational Corporation (hereinafter "Shingakukai") are pleased to announce the joint presentation to be made at SXSWedu (South by South West edu), which will take place in Austin, Texas, U.S.A., from March 4, 2013. As a result of an online poll, our ongoing joint project to "provide mobile education to the marginalized" was selected out of over 700 public applications, surviving the competition rate of 20 to 1.

Castalia and Shingakukai are making a presentation at SXSWedu, the educational conference under the wings of SXSW, world's largest convention that has been taken place in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. since 1986. SXSW started out as a music and film festival to discover up and coming talents, adding an IT division in 1998. Since then, it has been the place to spawn the spread of new Internet services such as Twitter and Foursquare to name a few. This year's keynote speakers will include Mr. Bill Gates, the former chairman of Microsoft Corporation, which may suggest that IT and education combined is drawing more worldwide attention than ever.
At this year's SXSWedu, Satoshi Yamawaki (CEO, Castalia), Yasutaka Kageyama (Chief Creative Director, Castalia) and Tsuneaki Kobayashi (Board Member, Shingakukai) will make a joint presentation themed on "Mobile Education for the Marginalized." It will feature our ongoing projects named "Ishinomaki Project" and "goocus for Wikipedia Free Access" as case examples, both of which Kobayashi explains, "are not explained as part of our CSR activities, but something where business is incorporated in a way that all participants will be in a win-win situation."
The "Ishinomaki Project" provides learning opportunites by way of tablet devices, to junior and senior high school students who live in temporary housings in Ishinomaki, one of the most affected areas in the wake of the tsunami disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake, where educational infrastructure suffered significant damages. Tablet learning has advantages that it provides chances to learn anywhere with an Internet connection that uses a mobile phone communication network; that it motivates students with a novel learning style; and that it has scalability that allows to function as an educational backup system for future disasters.
With "goocus for Wikipedia Free Access," we team with the mobile carriers that provide free access to Wikipedia in developing countries to promote Wikipedia usage in developing countries, by using our smart Wikipedia reader application named "goocus." The growth of users accessing Wikipedia through "goocus for Wikipedia Free Access" will lead to the growth of users of the mobile carrier, and encourages more prompt and accurate article updates, which will result in a sustainable development of the Wikipedia Foundation that will benefit the users as well - to create a full virtuous circle.
At SXSW, there will be 35 presenters who have survived the competition rate of 20 to 1 and have been selected out of over 700 applications as a result of an online poll, alongside other presenters who have been handpicked by the SXSW committee. Castalia and Shingakukai are the sole presenters from Japan.
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■About Shingakukai
Shingakukai (Head office: Nagano, Japan / President: Masaaki Ichikawa) is an educational corporation based in Nagano Prefecture. Founded in 1953, it is one of Japan's largest educational conglomerates besides universities today, with approximately 800 teachers and 16,000 infants, pupils, and students in the entire group. Shingakukai offers a wide variety of educational enterprises under its wings, including Saku Chosei Junior And Senior High School, which is renowned for its achievements in Ekiden (relay race) and high school baseball, as well as 20 kindergartens/nursery schools and 3 preparatory schools to mention some.

■About Castalia Co. Ltd.
Castalia Co. Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan / CEO: Satoshi Yamawaki) produces educational digital content solutions and operates web media for learning, under the concept of "Mobile & Social". Castalia offers a new and educational communication channel between content-providing corporations/educational institutes and individuals, contributing to the further enhancement of their significance.

【For more information, please contact】
[Shingakukai] Tomohiro Akutsu
President Director, Shingakukai Ishinomaki Support Project
c/o Ueda Preparatory School, Shingakukai
1003 Minami-Agatamachi, Nagano City, Nagano 380-0836 Japan
Email: akutsu[at]shingakukai.org
[Castalia] Toru Mori
Director / Managing Editor, Castalia Co. Ltd.
6th Floor, DF Building
2-2-8 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan
Email: info[at]castalia.co.jp
Phone: (81)-3-3401-4191
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