In pursuit of the development of a leadership training curriculum available for both public and private education


Castalia Co., Ltd. (registered main office: Nagano, Japan / headquarters: Tokyo, Japan / CEO: Satoshi Yamawaki / hereinafter “Castalia”) will join forces with Associate Professor Yasumasa Oomori of Joetsu University of Education (location: Niigata, Japan) for a collaborative research on the fostering of educational instructors in programming. The research project aims to make a proposal on the instruction method as well as to construct its gradual approach in programming education in elementary, junior high and high school public educations. Associate Professor Oomori researches on the informatization of education and programming education in elementary and secondary educations at the Center for Information and Multimedia Education at Joetsu University of Education; Castalia will work with him to develop an instructional approach built upon its mobile learning platform “Goocus”, to methodize it in education and to create a human resources cultivation curriculum. The research project is scheduled to take place from October 2015 thru September 2016.


This joint research will look into something that coordinates with public and private educations. Castalia will construct an ecosystem based on programming education, for the fostering and the production of IT-oriented human resources. Earlier, in April 2014, Castalia supported the foundation of Code Academy High School (location: Nagano, Japan), an extensive correspondence high school founded by Shingakukai (headquarters: Nagano, Japan), and continues support its operation. Code Academy is a unique school that usually offers lectures online and sets programming as mandatory subject. Through its involvement in Code Academy, Castalia has gained the knowledge on the significance of programming in public education as well as the challenges in its implementation, which will all be utilized in the construction of the educational program.


Associate Professor Oomori is working on the research themed on “the development of an IT-based educational approach and its supporting systems that covers educational stages from kindergarten thru high school”. Based on the results of the case studies of curriculums implemented in other countries, he is developing structured programming education curriculums and materials targeting K-12. He comments on the upcoming collaborative research:


“Programming education for elementary and junior high school students is becoming popular, however, it is still difficult to choose appropriate programming courses when the students gain interest through such hands-on programming education and wish to proceed to the next level. Such problem is even more serious in the non-metropolitan areas, with the lack of instructors being a contributing negative factor.
“The upcoming collaborative research focuses on the fostering of programming educational instructors, which has been one of the urgent tasks in both public and private education. I am looking forward that our studies, fused with Castalia’s mobile learning platform ‘Goocus’, may evolve into a new educational method that presents a solution to the various challenges in this field.”


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