CASTALIA SELECTED RUNNER-UP OF NTT WEST'S "Startup Factory Business Contest 2015"

At NTT West's "Startup Factory Business Contest 2015" which was held in Osaka on December 20, Castalia won the runner-up prize, namely "Next Alliance Award".





We are now under its Accelerator Program to develop an even more realistic plan as well as the prototype, envisioning its commercialization. The result will be presented on the Demo Day in late March 2016.


■ABOUT "NTT WEST Startup Factory Business Contest 2015"
In modern times where changes take place in a rapid speed, innovation means to create a new value that would make the society happy and make significant changes to the society.
When multiple companies and organizations make use of their advantages and go beyond the business boundaries to fuse them all together,
that is when an innovative and new value is born, which we call "open innovation".
As part of the "NTT West Startup Factory" project, NTT West will launch a business contest and the subsequent Accelerator Program, themed on "a new business envisioning a better and more convenient society".
Contest participants compete on the "ideas", "services", and the "alliance business models" that utilizes the resources that NTT West and NTT group have. Excellent ideas will have NTT West and NTT group's support for commercialization, and will be allowed the use of technology, services, and distribution channels that they have.