Newly developed “Goocus persistence engine” equipped with a learning analytics function opens the door to usages beyond academic/vocational learning

Castalia Co. Ltd. (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan, hereinafter “Castalia”) is pleased to announce the release of Goocus Ver. 2.0, a new version of Goocus, a mobile learnig platform that allows the mobile conversion of existing educational projects and the entry of start-up businesses in a simplified manner, now upgraded with a number of new functions. We have further advanced the configuration optimized for smartphones and efficient for customization, and developed “Goocus Persisitence Engine” for the server system that adopts the state-of-the-art research technique for the “continuity of learning” and the “flexibility of the system”. The ver. 2 series, which will be released in the first half of 2016, incorporates the latest technologies and brings into scope uses in other fields such as mobile healthcare and fitness, in addition to the current uses for educational and learning purposes.


CAS Index: For the quantification of continuity rate

One of the greatest challenges in autonomous learning is its “unsustainability.” Upon developing a learning framework that improves the “continuity of learning,” we put importance on the quantification of “continuity.” Thus our research team developed “CAS Index”, our original reference index created from the analysis of various data of learning behavior and tailored to the characteristics of mobile learning. It does not rely on a particular learning material, course, or configuration of a content, and adaptable to organizations and industries whose contents vary in length and quality. We will continue to enhance the algorithm that calculates the index, and implement feasibility studies and the measurement of effectiveness of function and content improvements on learning.


Goocus Persistence Engine: An autonomous learning engine powered by everything you need for continuity

The key ingredient of Goocus Persistence Engine is the learning data. We analyzed some tens of thousands of the mobile learning records we had accumulated, and equipped the engine with new functions necessary for continuity. The function to predict the completion of learning is especially unique. Born from the research results which showed that a user could continue learning with ease when he/she knows the goal, this function analyzes the learning pattern of a learner and predicts when he/she completes the learning of the course. Both the learner and the provider of the education will have an idea of when an individual member or the entire group “complete.” The engine also allows the freedom of condition settings and badge designing under the badge management function, as well as the visualization of learning that shows various learning data in the forms of graphs and meters.
On the other hand, the management system used by the provider of the education, will have an enhanced learning analytics. By obtaining data of patterns of attendance time and devices being used in addition to the attendance status such as the “accomplishment rate of the learning material,” it visualizes the tendencies in learning in the mobile era that have not been visible. *1


Enhancement of flexibility and coordination

The new Goocus also has an enhanced flexibility of system coordination that allows the linking of IDs and the retrieving of the data. With the “learning” element at the core, we reshaped other functions to be adopted as plug-ins, so that the system can accommodate different needs occurring at different scenes of use. We have our sights set on use in fields beyond educational and learning use, such as mobile healthcare and fitness, which face challenges in continuity.


Fig. 1: Sample image of the app interface


Fig. 2: Sample image of the management system interface

*1 Will be implemented at Version 2.02, scheduled for release in late June, 2016


■About Goocus
Goocus is the mobile learning platform developed by Castalia. The principal axis of its development is on the “continuity of learning” mainly on smartphones. In pursuit of “social learning”, the “visualization of learning”, and “gamification”, we research on how to make the learning experience a day-to-day process.


■About Castalia Co., Ltd.
Castalia Co., Ltd. is a company that reinvents learning under the slogan of “find solutions to social problems with the fusion of education and IT”. We develop mobile learning platform “Goocus” and supply it to corporations and educational institutions. In addition, we collaborate with Shingakukai, an educational conglomerate that operates mainly in Nagano Prefecture, for the curriculum design at Code Academy High School ( ), Japan’s first extensive correspondence high school that sets programming (coding) as mandatory subject.