An online beginners’ course using Ozobot the micro-robot intended for 1st graders and above

Castalia Co. Ltd. (registered headquarters: Nagano, Japan / headquarters: Tokyo, Japan / CEO: Satoshi Yamawaki) launched “CodePower”, a programming educational material service intended for beginners in elementary and junior high schools.  The service is available for cram schools and programming workshops.  The course launched first is the Ozobot Bit beginners’ course, through which students learn the basics of programming by using micro-robot Ozobot Bit.  The course materials are provided through tablet devices and PCs.
On a related note, cram school group Meiko Gijuku’s Niiza Branch launched a class using this course starting September 2.


Meiko Code Power


[About CodePower]
CodePower is a consolidated programming education service developed by Castalia.  The courses are offered in a step-by-step approach depending on age and knowledge.  Each course consists of stages and further subdivided in different levels where the learner goes up each “Small Step” for a solid acquisition of knowledge and skills.
Under the slogan “Learning about the society through programming”, CodePower realizes a form of education through which, by using the acquired knowledge and skills the learners can discover and create something new in their studies at school and lives at home.  The Ozobot Bit course is available in “Hiragana Course” as well, where all contents are provided in hiragana (a phonetic Japanese writing system) so that 1st grade elementary school children can start learning.  Through the operation of a micro-robot, the learners cultivate systematic ways of thinking and the senses for programming. An optional “Skills for 21st Century-Type Human Resource” class is available for each stage as well.  In this class, the learner cultivates creativity through learning how to use electronic devices, software and applications, and acquire the planning, designing, and creation of programs while accumulating programming skills at the same time.  Each stage puts value especially on the four elements explained below.
In addition, an advanced course using Ozobot Evo is scheduled to be launched January 2018.


[CodePower Ozobot Bit: Course Overview]
- A total of 4 stages x 8 levels = 32 steps (will be altered to 40 steps in the future)
- From “Unplugged”, using micro-robot Ozobot Bit, paper and pen, to the mastering of block programming using block programming tool Ozoblockly
- Materials provided online; compatible with both iPad and Android tablet devices (9 inch and larger in size), and PC (using browsers)
- Service available for educational enterprises that operate cram schools/workshops, as well as educational institutions; prices and conditions available upon request


Stage 1: Ozocode Unplugged
Without using a computer, the learner uses color codes and paper to learn a programming-oriented way of thinking.
Stage 2: Ozocode Tablet
By using a tablet device, the learner understands how the things learned at Stage 1 change when a computer is involved.
Stage 3: OzoBlockly Basic
The learner learns how to operate robots at his/her free will by way of block programming.
Stage 4: OzoBlockly Advanced
Taking the advantage of things learned at Stage 3, the learner actually create more complicated mechanisms and structures through programming.


Ozobot is a micro-robot developed by Evollve Inc. (headquarters: California, U.S.A.) in 2014.  It has a “line tracing” function with which the robot automatically moves by tracing the lines drawn on paper or tablet devices. “Ozocodes”, which are combinations of colors, give commands to Ozobots to “turn right” or “pause” to read and execute.