A practical entrepreneur program for students to study programming education methods and operate programming schools as instructors/manager from next spring


Castalia Co., Ltd. (registered headquarters: Nagano, Japan / headquarters: Tokyo, Japan / CEO: Satoshi Yamawaki) will launch a joint project with Kansai University (Location: Suita, Osaka / President: Keiji Shibai) to foster programming educators and operate programming workshops at the university’s Umeda Campus (Location: Kita-ku, Osaka City).
This joint project is part of Kansai University’s entrepreneur development program.  By acquiring both technical skills and management, the project aims to let the students experience the starting of business and its management.



Several students solicited among students at Kansai University take CodeEdu, a programming educator fostering course, from November 18, 2017 thru late February 2018.  Through studying online and three schooling sessions, students acquire important knowledge and concepts of programming education, as well as programming skills and its education method.  Furthermore, they nurture practical skills through a series of exercises that involves the planning, execution, and analysis of a workshop.

And starting next spring, students will operate “Children’s Programming Workshop Presented by Kansai University Students” themselves and actually implement programming education for local elementary school students.

(Fig. taken from Kansai University Press Release #38)

Sessions taking place at Umeda Campus, Kansai University

  1. Solicit students for programming educator training course / opening of the course (joint project with Castalia)

  2. Kansai University students attend the course for fostering educators (acquire technical skills)

  3. Kansai University students plan and operate a workshop (experience the startup of business)

  4. Kansai University students become instructors and teach programming to children (actual practicing of educating)

  5. Advices from Kansai University alumni who are business owners, etc.
    Program provided by Castalia, joint program with Kansai University teachers) (follow-up)



This project eyes the year 2020 when programming education will be made compulsory at elementary schools, and aims to provide solutions to both the lack of educators and the building of entrepreneurial minds.  As regards with the latter, the program is planned not only within a mere entrepreneurial logic but aimed to the actual practice of it to “operate a workshop”.  By letting the students practice the actual procedures one by one and experience the entire process of the starting of a business, the project aims to stimulate their entrepreneurial minds.


About CodeEdu  
A programming educator training program targeting people who wish to conduct programming education for children.

[Main courses]

- Introduction to Programming Education: Existing circumstances and essential concepts of programming education

- Introductory Programming: Acquiring of programming skills

- Development of Programming Educational Materials: Methods of developing educational materials for use in programming education

- Class Analysis/Evaluation: Analysis of programming education classes and learn the method of evaluation in a practical manner.

- Catering to Children’s Needs: Methods to children with needs of special support


About Ozobot     
Ozobot is a palm-size robot developed by Evollve Inc. (headquarters: California, USA) in 2014.  It has a “line tracing” function with which it automatically runs by tracing lines drawn on paper and tablet devices.  It reads and executes orders such as “turn right” and “pause” through “Ozocodes” that are combinations of colors on a line.