Limited advance sales starts Feb. 10 at eight MoMA Design Stores and its online store

Enhanced with sound reproduction, proximity sensors, Bluetooth communication functions

Castalia Co. Ltd. (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) will launch domestic distribution of “Ozobot Evo”, the latest of the “Ozobot” series,
the educational robot developed by Evollve Inc. (headquarters: California, U.S.A.), starting from Saturday, February 10, 2018.
It will be sold in limited quantity at eight MoMA Design Stores nationwide and its online stores first on the same day.

[The three new functions of Evo]

  1. Sound reproducing function using a built-in speaker: It can reproduce a sound or speak (in English only).

  2. Detection of surrounding objects with the proximity sensor: You can program Evo to approach or move away from a product.

  3. Remote control by Bluetooth: Using a smartphone app, you can control Evo like a radio control car.
    You can also send the program you made on OzoBlockly to your Evo.


[Advance sales at MoMA Design Stores and its online store]

Ozobot Evo will be available from February 10 at the following stores first. You can try the actual product at the selling space as well.

[List of stores carrying Ozobot Evo] 

MoMA Design Store Omotesando
MoMA Design Store Kyoto
MoMA Design Store Shibuya Loft
MoMA Design Store Ikebukuro Loft
MoMA Design Store Sendai Loft
MoMA Design Store Kobe Loft
MoMA Design Store Sapporo Loft
MoMA Design Store Namba Loft

Online store


[MoMA Design Store]

MoMA Design Store is a store chain of the Museum of Modern Art, New York (MoMA).  Around 2,000 items in each store are
MoMA’s flagship products and a wide array of other items, including those of limited availability, that represent the collections
of the museum.  Just like its headquarter store in New York, all products are selected by curators who actually handpick
the works of art to be exhibited at MoMA.



Ozobot bit is a small-size robot released from Evollve Inc. in 2015.  It has a “line-tracing” function that allows it automatically
trace the lines drawn on paper or tablet devices.  Under the control of a series of combinations of colors, it executes commands
such as “turn right” and “pause”.  In addition using “Ozoblockly”, a block-programming environment, it is capable of reading
programs created on tablet devices and PCs to perform a more complicated move.  Furthermore, the JavaScript preview
shows you the text-based programming language version of your program, which allows you to make a smooth transition
from unplugged to blocks to text.
(Note: OzoBlockly is a browser app, compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.)