Official launch of services to universities; adopted by Ehime University’s Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation as regular course content required for graduation


Castalia Co., Ltd. (registered headquarters: Nagano, Japan / headquarters: Tokyo, Japan / CEO: Satoshi Yamawaki) will start the solicitation of students of the fourth term (first semester of AY2018) of “CodeEdu/”, a programming educator training course.  Solicitation starts from March 30.  The course targets people who have graduated high school and above; all lectures will be in Japanese.  Schooling will be provided in Tokyo, Osaka, Joetsu, and Nagano.  In addition, this semester will mark the launch of a course content required mandatory for graduation open to undergraduate students at Ehime University’s Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation.


“CodeEdu/” is a programming educator training program targeting people who undertake programming education for children.  Through studying online and three schooling sessions, students acquire important knowledge and concepts of programming education, as well as programming skills and its education method.  Furthermore, they nurture practical skills through a series of exercises that involves the planning, execution, and analysis of a workshop for children.


The actual courses include “Introduction to Programming Education” focusing on existing circumstances and essential concepts of programming education, “Introductory Programming” to acquire programming skills, “Development of Programming Educational Materials” in which students learn about methods of developing educational materials for use in programming education, “Class Analysis/Evaluation” to analyze programming education classes and learn the method of evaluation in a practical manner, and “Catering to Children’s Needs” dedicated to methods to children with needs of special support.


Since its launch in Fall 2016, we have had over 70 students from across Japan.  Based on the actual results of the previous terms, we have revised the curriculum upon soliciting students for the fourth term.  In particular, Sports and Health Management course of Department of Regional Resource Management under Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation at Ehime University now implement CodeEdu/ as their official regular course content required for graduation.


[Course features]

– A place to learn “programming education = programming x teaching”

- Flip classroom style course that combines online learning and physical schooling

– Online contents available for studying anytime on PC/smartphone

– Interaction of participants with diverse backgrounds, such as students and working people

– Classes conducted simultaneously in Tokyo and Osaka, relayed to allow interchange of opinions

– Online discussion with instructors with different careers

– Planning and operating of workshops for elementary school children


[Course structure]

– Schooling

– Three sessions of relay-style lectures and workshops for elementary school children

– Online contents

– Studying contents available through mobile learning app

– Mentoring time

– Opportunities to deepen the understanding of learning through online discussions and Q&As with instructors of diverse careers (once or twice a month; details TBA)


[Venues and number of admitted students]


- Tokyo: Ichigaya Kempo Kaikan (4-39 Ichigaya-Nakanocho, Shinjuku-ku)

8 min. walk from Akebonobashi Station, Toei Shinjuku Line

8 min. walk from Ushigome-Yanagicho Station, Toei Oedo Line

15min. walk from Yotsuya-Sanchome Station, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line


- Osaka: Kansai University Umeda Campus

(1-5 Tsurunocho, Kita-ku, Osaka City)

5 min. walk from Umeda Station (Chayamachi side exit), Hankyu Line

10 min. walk from JR Osaka Station


- Joetsu: Joetsu Joho Business College (3-4-1 Kitashirocho, Joetsu, Niigata


12 min. walk from Takada Station, Echigo TOKImeki Railway


- Nagano: GEEKLAB. NAGANO *To be confirmed

(6th Floor, 1003 Minami-Agatamachi, Nagano City)

12 min. walk from JR Nagano Station


- Ehime: Ehime University *Open to university students only

(10-13 Dogohimata, Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture)


Number of admitted students

15 for each venue (students and others combined)



- Sign-up period: Friday, March 30 - Friday, May 18, 2018

- Course term: Saturday, May 19 - Friday, August 31, 2018


[Schooling schedule]

- Session #1: Saturday, May 26 / 10:00-17:00

* Saturday, June 2 for Osaka

Icebreaking / Ozobot (unplugged) / OzoBlockly basics

- Session #2: Saturday, June 23 / 10:00-17:00

* Saturday, June 30 for Joetsu

Ozoblockly (practical use) / Planning of workshop

- Session #3: Saturday, August 4 / 10:00-17:00

Implementation of a workshop for children



- Tuition: General - 29,800 yen (+ tax)

Students - 4,800 yen (+tax)

- Tools (Ozobot, etc.): 6,400 yen (+tax)


For more information on CodeEdu/ and application to the course, please refer to: