All-in-one kit of robot & programming necessities, bundled with idea references for lesson plans and handout materials.

Castalia Co., Ltd. (Castalia, registered headquarters: Nagano, Japan / headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) offers Ozobot 2.0 bit Classroom Kit, starting from July 17, 2018.  Bundling Ozobot with peripheral equipment necessary at educational scenes such as schools, the kit is the only thing needed for instructors to start teaching programming in their classrooms right away.  In addition, free trials will be available for companies.


Ozobot 2.0 bit Classroom Kit is a set of educational materials complete with tools necessary for using Ozobot at school classrooms.  It has the robot itself, its peripherals, as well as data of utilization guidelines for teachers and handouts for students, so that this kit will be all a teacher needs to start teaching.


The kit covers everything from the basic operations of Ozobot to unplugged programming education using Ozobot and block programming education using Ozoblockly.

Ready-to-use package to be used at educational institutions immediately


Rich original educational materials

Online contents available exclusively to purchasers of the kit offer previews of instructional ideas.  In addition, the educational sheets have all the knowledge necessary upon using Ozobot, and come in handy to smoothly implement programming education.

Free trials available

We offer free trials of Ozobot 2.0 bit Classroom Kit.  The offer is limited to companies and the term of the trial is two weeks.  For more information, please feel free to contact us from the link below.


Ozobot 2.0 bit Classroom Kit: Package details and pricing

  • Suggested retail price: JPY 159,000 (plus tax)

  • Product name: Ozobot 2.0 bit Classroom Kit

  • Product size: 28cm×32cm×7cm (approx. 11 x 12 1/2 x 2 3/4 inches)

  • Package includes:

・Ozobot 2.0 bit body x 12

・Ozobot 2.0 bit clear case x 12

・Ozobot 2.0 bit skin x 12

・micro USB cables for recharge x 12
・USB hub (10 ports) for recharge x 1
・AC adaptor for recharge x 1
・Black markers x 12

・Color marker set x 4 (one set includes one each of red/blue/green markers; 4 set means 12 color markers total)

・Color code stickers (A5 size) x 50
・Container box x 1

・Teacher’s Guide x 1

・Ozobot startup guide x 12 (explains about calibration, etc.)

・OzoBlockly startup guide x 12

・Classroom Kit guidance brochure x 1 (explains about storage, recharge, options,etc.)

・Online support / educational material access account sheet x 1

・USB memory stick (includes data of educational and reference materials)

・Warranty card x 1


Inquiries for purchases and free trials

For inquiries with regards to purchases and free trials, please contact us via

the link below:



[Ozobot 2.0 bit]

Ozobot is a series of small-size robots developed by Evollve Inc. (headquarters: California, USA) in 2014.   It has a “line tracing” function that allows Ozobot to automatically trace the lines drawn on paper or tablet devices, as well as the “OzoCodes”, a series of commands made from combinations of colors that are read and executed as “turn right” or “pause”, for example.  “Ozoblockly”, a tool to program Ozobot, is capable of combining blocks online and have Ozobot at its command in accordance with the combination of the blocks.