Castalia Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) will join forces with universities across Japan to hold programming workshops on campus.
This series of workshops, spawned from our “CodeEdu/”, our programming educator training course that joins forces with universities,
will be taught by university professors as well as students who have completed the CodeEdu/ curriculum.  Starting this fall, workshops
that harness the faculties’ characteristics will take place at two universities, namely Nagoya Bunri University and Ehime University.


CodeEdu/ is a programming educator training program held biannually for general working people, and adopts flip classroom style that
combines the use of both online and physical schoolings.  The program has been co-held at Nagoya Bunri University, Kansai University
Umeda Campus, and Ehime University Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation, mainly attended by university students.  This time,
students who have completed the program will be on the teachers’ side, using on-campus facilities.


[Nagoya Bunri University: Department of Information and Media Studies,
Faculty of Information and Media Studies]
(Inazawa, Aichi Prefecture)

Workshop name: Nagoya Bunri University Code Education Project - Programming Workshop for Elementary School Students

Target: 4-6th graders

Starting date: November 17 (total of 3 sessions)

Satoshi Hasegawa - Professor / Dean of Faculty of Information and Media Studies
Kazuhide Kobashi - Associate Professor, Department of Information and Media Studies
Code Education Project members (students majoring in Information and Media Studies)

A programming workshop using programming gadget Ozobot.  Drawing on the experiences of participating in the Inazawa
Children’s Festival and doing internal sessions on campus, we hope to convey the joy of programming and the logic of programming
in the three sessions.








[Ehime University: Sports and Health Management Course, Department of Regional Resource Management,
Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation]
(Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture)

Workshop name: Ehime University Comprehensive Regional Sports Club “Sports & Programming Workshop”

Target: 5 & 6th graders

Starting date: October 6 (total of 8 sessions)

Teacher: Akira Yamanaka - Associate Professor

A unique combination of sport and programming.  Participants enjoy sports (jogging etc.) during the first half of the series, and try
restaging the act by programming during the second half.  The series is designed to nurture the ability to think in programming logic,
and gain healthy mind and body through a new type of interaction.