“Ozobot 2.0 bit”, a robot for programming education imported and distributed in Japan by Castalia Co., Ltd (registered headquarters:
Nagano, Japan / headquarters: Tokyo Japan), won the “Designs that cultivate children’s creativity and future” category of the 12th
annual Kids Design Awards.

Ozobot is a small-size robot dedicated to children’s programming education, developed in 2014 by Evollve Inc. (headquarters:
California, U.S.A.).  While it has earned a number of nominations such as the KAPi Awards (2015) and CES Editor’s Choice Awards
(2015) to name a few, this is the first award from Japan the product receives.


[About Kids Design Award]

The Kids Design Award was established for the purpose of selecting excellent products, spaces, services, activities, and researches that
fulfill the missions of “allowing children to live safely” “having children grow to have rich sensitivity and creativity”, and “create a
society where you can feel rest assured to give birth to and rear children”, and promote them widely to the society.

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[Ozobot 2.0 bit]

Ozobot is a series of small-size robots developed by Evollve Inc. (headquarters: California, USA) in 2014.   It has a “line tracing” function
that allows Ozobot to automatically trace the lines drawn on paper or tablet devices, as well as the “OzoCodes”, a series of commands
made from combinations of colors that are read and executed as “turn right” or “pause”, for example.  “Ozoblockly”, a tool to program
Ozobot, is capable of combining blocks online and have Ozobot at its command in accordance with the combination of the blocks.