Goocus and Educhat to be introduced at junior high schools in Fukushima and Nagano Prefectures

Castalia's mobile learning platform Goocus and educational chatting service Educhat has both been adopted as METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)'s "Edtech Introduction Grant" projects.  We will introduce them at public junior high schools in Bandai, Fukushima Prefecture, and Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture. 

By taking advantage of the Edtech Introduction Grants, we aim for the realization of the ECP (Education Continuity Plan) that allows the education to keep on going at the outbreak of any situation and introduce Goocus and Educhat to a total of three junior high schools in Bandai, Fukushima Prefecture, and Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture.  

Goocus will be loaded with contents in line with the actual class; using audio and quiz functions, the contents will be used as supplementary materials at normal times when ordinary classes are operated, and as main materials when classes are closed due to emergency, so that the provision of education never stops under any situation.  

In addition, Educhat will be used as a communication center where the school and everyone concerned can participate and form a ring of contacts.  (Japanese language only)

Goocus is a mobile-and-web-based learning platform designed for businesses and educational organisations. Deliver your content and build your brand at the same time.  It allows students to study from multiple devices, namely iOS/Android and Web apps, and administrators to use a wide range of management tools from Web browsers.

Educhat is an online chatting service specialized for educational use.  It is built upon Mattermost, a chatting/messaging software that allows online collaborations between business enterprises.  For educational purposes, it is equipped with enhanced and improved security and online lecturing tools.