“Goocus”, a mobile learning platform developed and operated by Castalia, was adopted for the online content delivery platform of “SECKUN”, a cyber security education training program development project between the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) and Kyushu University launched FY2020.

“SECKUN” is MHLW’s educational training program development project entrusted to Kyushu University Cyber Security Center, designed to develop learning materials that converge the knowledge of frontline industry practicians and the cutting-edge cyber security technology education of Kyushu University, as well as to encourage recurrent education and job transfers of working members of the society.  The program targets advanced professionals who aim to improve their practical skills in cyber security, and allows students to question, learn and achieve by themselves a highly advanced technical and management abilities during lectures and exercises through spontaneous investigations on primary information.  (Translated from SECKUN official website)   

In order for the working members of the society, who are busy with day-to-day business, to take this 120-hour educational training program, the program mainly relies on the online delivery of learning materials available at all times and locations.

Mr. Fukujiro Fujioka, who is in charge of Kyushu University Cyber Security Center comments, “We present busy working members of the society with a recurrent education on security that concentrates the cutting-edge research outcomes.  In addition to the latest technology, learning contents unavailable at anywhere else such as those on security psychology and rule-making strategies are delivered to the convenience of your smartphone”.

Goocus, the adopted platform for SECKUN’s online content delivery, will provide a stable learning environment on smartphones.  In addition, it supports the vitalization of learning experiences by way of gamification such as commenting and badging, as well as social functions to support the autonomous learning of working professionals.

SECKUN official website:

Goocus is a mobile learning platform developed by Castalia.  Setting the "continuity of learning" based on smartphones as the principal axis of development, the system pursues "social learning", the "visualization of learning experiences", and "gamification" in search of the ways to make learning an everyday act.