SDGs Business Validation Survey for Mobile Bandwidth Incentivized Mobile Learning Service in Ethiopia." was selected for JICA's FY2023 Business Support Program for Small and Medium Enterprises and SDGs.

 Implementation of Sustainable Mobile Learning Initiative for Teachers and Students in Ethiopia

Castalia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as "Castalia") has been selected for the business validation project titled "SDGs Business Validation Survey for Mobile Bandwidth Incentivized Mobile Learning Service in Ethiopia," which aims to commercialize mobile learning services incentivized by Ethiopia's mobile bandwidth. The project is part of the Japan International Cooperation Agency's (JICA) "2023 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and SDGs Business Support Project."

Ethiopian Ministry of Education

The "SMEs and SDGs Business Support Project" is a proposal-based commissioned project by JICA, supporting overseas business expansion of private Japanese companies. This initiative assists in the creation of businesses by Japanese private enterprises contributing to solving issues in developing countries. Leveraging networks, trust relationships, and know-how established through Official Development Assistance (ODA), JICA engages in co-creating value. (Source: JICA Website)

Currently, Ethiopia faces a reduction in the national education budget due to the impact of internal conflicts, leading to concerns about the deterioration of public education functions. Particularly, issues such as poverty, educational quality, and regional disparities contribute to severe education problems. Concurrently, the youth population is on the rise, exacerbating shortages in school facilities, teaching staff, and educational materials. Young individuals who do not receive sufficient education due to these challenges miss out on employment opportunities, increasing the risk of leaning toward extremism. Solutions to these educational challenges are crucial for ensuring peace and stability in Africa and surrounding regions.

In collaboration with Safaricom Ethiopia, a local education partner, and the mobile learning platform GOOCUS, Castalia aims to deploy services that incorporate training content for teachers and educational materials for various subjects in primary and secondary schools. This initiative aims to facilitate continuous learning. The research and validation process is scheduled to commence in the fiscal year 2024.

Results of the 2023 SMEs and SDGs Business Support Project - Business Validation Project.