Castalia released Goocus Offline which supports offline learning. As a launch customer, the Hokkaido University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has decided to use it for online education in Zambia.

Castalia provide a high-quality digital learning experience that anyone can access anytime, anywhere, even in places where the internet is vulnerable.

Students specializing in veterinary medicine
at the University of Zambia study on their smartphones.

Castalia Co., Ltd. (CEO: Satoshi Yamawaki; Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as "Castalia"), will release the beta version of Goocus Offline in April 2024 to support learning without internet connectivity, allowing it to function even in areas with unstable or restricted communication networks, such as developing countries. Hokkaido University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (located in Sapporo, Hokkaido) will use it for online education in Zambia as a launch customer.

About Goocus Offline

Goocus Offline is a mobile application developed by Castalia Co., Ltd. based on the LMS (Learning Management System) Goocus. It is specialized for learning in offline (internet-disconnected) environments.

System Diagram

Learning Screen
By downloading learning content in advance, it eliminates the need for internet communication during learning. When connected to the internet again, it synchronizes with the server, allowing the management side to check the user's learning progress, as well as the accuracy of tests and learning history.

Features of Goocus Offline

Enabling Learning in Any Environment

The device only connects to the internet when downloading content or uploading learning history. No internet connection is required during actual learning. This enables digital learning even in environments where internet connectivity is difficult.

Easy Learning Management and Content Updates

When the mobile device connects to the internet, it accesses the Goocus app server. Using the existing features of Goocus, administrators can manage the progress of learning, as well as deliver updates and new content.

Lightweight Content Suitable for Download

By reducing the data size of videos, images, and other content, we enable quick downloads to mobile devices and smooth operation during learning. Feel free to consult with us for the creation of original content as well.

Hokkaido University's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is implementing an international educational exchange program for graduate students in conservation medicine, in collaboration with the University of Zambia, with which they have had a long-standing exchange relationship. This program is part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Enhancement of Global Deployment Initiative" for forming university-to-university exchanges with African countries, aiming to cultivate the next generation of bridge-building talent between Africa and Japan in the field of international veterinary and conservation medicine education.
For the online learning component of this program, they will be utilizing Goocus Offline.

Goocus usage on PC at University of Zambia

Comments from Professor Mayumi Ishizuka, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine

"At the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University, we have continued to collaborate in education and research with the University of Zambia since the establishment of the School of Veterinary Medicine. Since the academic year 2020, we have been implementing a short-term exchange program for graduate students on the theme of conservation medicine, targeting the entire Hokkaido University. Both countries are geographically distant, and due to cost and safety management considerations, the number of participating students is limited. To expand the opportunities, we have also established an online course. Goocus has been introduced since the academic year 2023, as it allows access to course materials even with minimal internet connectivity and makes it easy for instructors to manage materials. With the implementation of offline functionality in the future, we hope that students will be able to progress with their studies systematically even while staying in areas with limited network environments."

Upcoming Goocus Offline

As of April 2024, it will be ver.0.8 beta version.
In addition to the functions of Goocus, it is equipped with a download management function.
For the official ver.1.0 version, we plan to add calendar integration, test function, schedule function, etc.

Function comparison with existing Goocus

This is a list of functions as of April 2024 and a function comparison table with existing Goocus.

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Castalia Inc. is a company that creates new learning with the motto "Education x IT to solve social issues. The company has developed the mobile learning platform "Goocus" and provides it to companies and educational institutions. Together with its original programming education materials, the company is expanding its business not only in Japan but also in the Middle East and Africa.

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