Goocus now supports Yoruba, Amharic, and Swahili.

Goocus has newly added support for Yoruba, Amharic, and Swahili.

The mobile learning platform 'Goocus,' developed by Castalia Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Satoshi Yamawaki, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter "Castalia") , has newly added support for Yoruba (*1), Amharic (*2), and Swahili (*3).




In the future, Goocus will continue to respond to increasingly diverse learning needs by adding more languages and expanding its features. It aims to support students worldwide in learning and growing freely in their own languages.

(*1) Yoruba: A language primarily used by the Yoruba people residing in Nigeria, Benin, and Togo.
(*2) Amharic: A language primarily used in Ethiopia.
(*3) Swahili: A language widely spoken along the eastern coast of Africa.


This is a mobile learning platform developed by Castalia. With "continuity of learning" centered on smartphones as the main axis of development, we are researching how we can make learning an everyday experience by pursuing the three key elements of "social learning," "visualization of learning," and "gamification.


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