Released "Goocus Edge," an LMS designed to operate in edge computing environments for large-scale digital learning in schools. It is planned to be introduced in schools in Asia and Africa.

GOOCUS Edge: providing a large-scale, high-quality digital learning experience to school even in areas with weak internet access.

Optimized for edge computing deployed by UNESCO in developing countries.

Castalia Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Satoshi Yamawaki, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter "Castalia") has announced the next-generation Learning Management System (LMS), "Goocus Edge." Goocus Edge is a new service that adds edge computing* capabilities to the existing cloud-based LMS, "Goocus." It is designed for use in facilities such as schools in developing countries, where communication lines may be unstable or limited, supporting large-scale digital learning for dozens of users simultaneously. By accessing the edge computing environment equipped with Goocus Edge via PCs or tablets, each learning device can provide a rich learning experience without the need to connect to the internet. Additionally, it will be introduced in projects aimed at Asia and Africa, such as the 2023 JICA Small and Medium Enterprises and SDGs Business Support Project, "Business Verification Project for Mobile Learning Services in Ethiopia Utilizing Mobile Bandwidth Incentives," and utilized as digital education for teachers and students.
*Edge computing is a network technology that processes and analyzes data at edge devices. By aggregating only specific data to the cloud, it reduces communication delays and network load.

About Goocus Edge

Goocus Edge is an innovative Learning Management System (LMS) that combines edge computing capabilities with the mobile learning platform "Goocus," developed and sold by Castalia. Traditionally built in a cloud server environment, Goocus is now designed to be used on edge devices as well, effectively supporting learning even in environments with unstable internet connections.
*The use of Goocus Edge requires edge devices. As of May 16, 2024, the recommended device is the EG603L-v2 from Germany's Welotec.

Students can connect their learning devices to the indoor edge computing environment and experience digital learning. The upload of learning history data to the cloud and the updating of content are automatically performed at specified times.

Stable Learning Environment Anytime

By installing edge devices equipped with Goocus functions, edge computing enables stable digital learning and learning management even in low-speed network environments or environments without internet access. Additionally, it can support simultaneous use by dozens of users.

Building Learning Environments in Remote Areas

With Goocus Edge, it is possible to create the same learning environment in remote locations.
By connecting Edge devices to the Internet, you can efficiently aggregate information from multiple devices and manage learning more effectively.

Easy Learning Management and Content Updates

Using the traditional functions of Goocus, administrators can manage the progress of learning, deliver update information, and distribute new content.

Business Verification Project for Mobile Learning Services in Ethiopia Utilizing Mobile Bandwidth Incentives

The "Small and Medium Enterprises and SDGs Business Support Project" is a proposal-based commission project implemented by JICA to support Japanese private companies in expanding their businesses overseas. In Ethiopia, the impact of civil war has led to a decrease in education budgets, raising concerns about the deterioration of public education. Poverty, educational quality, and regional disparities have worsened, leading to serious shortages in school facilities, teachers, and educational materials due to the increasing youth population.
In this project, Safaricom Ethiopia, an education partner in Ethiopia, aims to deploy the mobile learning platform Goocus with training content for teachers and educational content for various subjects in primary and secondary schools. This initiative aims to enable continuous learning, and the project will conduct research and verification to achieve this goal.

Ministry of Education of Ethiopia

The "Business Verification Project for Mobile Learning Services in Ethiopia Utilizing Mobile Bandwidth Incentives" was selected for the 2023 JICA Small and Medium Enterprises and SDGs Business Support Project:

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Castalia Co., Ltd. is a company that aims to solve social issues through "education x IT" and create new learning experiences. They have developed the mobile learning platform "Goocus" and provide it to companies and educational institutions. Along with their unique programming education materials, they are expanding their business not only in Japan but also in the Middle East and Africa.

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